June 14, 2008

Fri Day

Woke up really late today. Worked 5-9, went to Jenni's and celebrated my birthday with (in order of appearance) Jenni, Cassie, Eric, Chris, Dani, Eddie, Gabo, Jessica, Katie, Jared, and another. Pretty much just hung out, talking and playing board games, eating cupcakes and pizza, wearing bday bash hats. Check out these pictures though...Jessica bought this comic book from an 8 year old kid selling lemonade on some corner. If he made this thing by himself, it's awesome. But it looks like somebody helped him out with it.

It had like 4 comics all stapled together. This one reads: "Super Kid. Super Kid Comics. Mini Comic-Book. Dr. Flame's Approach. Part 1. Super kid, prepare to get ROASTED! On your part, yes, but on the other hand prepare to be put out! Flame V.S. Super."

Not that a kid isn't capable of drawing this, but some of the dialogue and graphic layout seems a little too good.

Read the album title.

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