June 8, 2008


Today we went to Venice beach, an hour from where we were(Oxnard). First we just parked at the first spot we found and laid around on the beach. A little while later we drove to where all the happenings we happening. We were only around here for a few hours..wish we could've spent more time on this beach. It's like a long street right next to the beach where there's an outdoor gym, skatepark, people skating, big crowds, small bands (drum circles, blues, hippy new age old men music, electric guitarist on roller blades, a dj, and maybe a few more that we actually saw), tons of stores, medical marijuana dealers, restaurants, smoke shops everywhere, vendors, artists, handmade works of all sorts, etc...

After Venice we went to Red Lobster. Don't ask me why, I can't remember. Get a load of the outside of the restaurant though. This looks like the outside of a fancy hotel, but in Oxnard, every store has spanish tiles, archways, and palm trees. I like that.

Afterwards... We must have gotten drunk one last time in the jacuzzi, like every night.

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