September 26, 2008


Went to Mexico last weekend for my cousin's wedding. Here's Jenni & I
in front of the sun pyramid in teotihuacan right betore walking to the


erik said...

i still can't believe I couldn't go to Mexico. i just finished applying for a fulbright grant to teach english there next year though so hopefully that turns out well. anyways, i'm just stopping by to see how its going. i'm going to be back home for a week for fall break on the 17th. also, consider this a heads up that i'm in another poetry workshop right now and we're supposed to come up with a collaborative poetry/art project for the end of the semester and I was hoping to bounce some ideas off of you when i was home. see you in like two weeks.

erik said...

haha, it says "erik said..." and that's my first and middle name.