August 31, 2009

Jean Spot

A friend from school & I have been working everyday on this project together for about 4 weeks now. It's an animation to help advertise Lee Denim Day, which helps support breast cancer. It'll be done in less than a month so you should see it here shortly.

Here's some of the stuff we've done so far:

• Draw out designs for several paper cut-out puppets.
• Cut them out
• Paint them with watercolors
• Hinge each limb together with glue & paper
• Animate them under a camera slowly but surely (like stop-motion animation)
• Composite the character animation together with backgrounds on a a cpu

..we're about half-way done. Every step is tedious & intricate; these things are about 5 inches tall on average. Some, like a full body puppet, have as many as 16 limbs & 16 hinges. Check out these images. Everything is still in progress. Here's a sketch from the storyboard.

EDIT: Here it is for your viewing pleasure

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Erik said...

my mind is blown.