June 23, 2008

jueve, vierne, sabados, domingos, lune

I can't believe I haven't had enough spare time since Thursday to write anything. Thursday night through Saturday afternoon I went to Milwaukee with the bandmates..erik too now that he's back from Peru. Well fun was had. Saturday night was Knuckles' formal party. We sept over and had breakfast Sunday morning, hung out a little.. Then I went home, worked for 2 hours, had a big family dinner at my house, slept, Monday morning I took jenni to school early, got my tire fixed, fixed jenni bike tire tube, cleaned out it the fish lair, chores, picked up jenni at 9:30, nothing matters and what if it did, went to jenni's, watched fresh prince while jenni did Spanish homework, oh yeah I was on my online class for anwhike earlier too, and finally, I'm here on my phone wrirong & watching home improvement.

HoH, out.

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