June 18, 2008

Two's Day

Well first Jenni & I were gonna visit her grandpa's house, but there was so much traffic that we had to just turn around and go back to Jenni's. That was at like 10am. We had watermelon, green beans, & peas for lunch, then rode bikes to downtown Batavia. I bought Jenni a new bike lock, we rested at Panera, bought a loaf of bread to go, and headed to the movie theater. I watched Kung Fu Panda again, still awesome. We cut the bread in half like Abu & Aladdin.

Rode our bikes back. Then we drove to the pet store and I bought 2 fish and a crayfish (which looks like a little lobster kinda). Drove home, put the fish in the fishtank (Jenni bought me one for my birthday) and then watched a movie.

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