June 16, 2008

Sun Day

Father's day was today. My father raised me, his father raised him,
and so on all the way into the past, roughly 5000 years. Before humans
apes raised their kids. Before apes; rodents, reptiles, fish, sea
creatures, algae. Happy Algae's day everyone! I had to stop because
before algae, plant life and cells. But I refuse to accept that plant
life and cells can be fathers. Actually I guess cells can raise their
offspring...teaching them the ways of cellular activity.

I just found out the earth is halfway through its life. The sun will
go out in 5 billion years. That makes the Earth a middle-aged man,
just like my dad. So happy father's day to my dad and to all of ours,
but more importantly to the Sun for giving birth to our home, algae,
humans, myself.

Head of Hadrian, out.

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