June 16, 2008

Moon Day

I just watched this show bout UFOs. In one of the stories a town
witnessed a UFO crash into a ditch and it had Egyptian-like symbols
all over the side. Half the town saw it and half didn't, causing
lifelong friendships to end. Right away dozens of military officials
came and took the UFO away. Alright, I know there are skeptics our
there, but if there are hundreds of accounts of stories like this, &
the government never explains where these ufo are taken..well you just
have to admit that there's something out there.

And if Egyptian-like writings were written on, it makes me think that
past civilizations, like the mayans too, might have had connections.
Intergalactic relationships? It just boggles my mind that there are
people out there, government officials, who have he evidence in their
hands...possiby connections to these aliens. Seriousy. They wouldnt be
threatening people to keep quiet and be so secretive if they were just
identified flying objects.

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