November 23, 2008

Random Figure Sketches

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doodlin' 'round chicago, on the way to school or in class.

I just saw bolt a few hours ago. I actually liked it a lot.. on the same level as Kung Fu Panda probably. My favorite thing about was the character design & acting. Some of the characters, especially the humans, had so much unique personality & style, it was crazy. I don't wanna go any further cuz it'll be just me geeking out for a handful of paragraphs, you should just watch it yourself.

P.s. Here's a cool podcast I found a while ago. Eriks, you might wanna listen to this, it's an audio recording of this woman who lectures on creative writing, she also makes her own comics, etc... but it's basically her talking about how to write easier and more creatively. I thought it was interesting: mp3

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Erik Moore said...

hey man, i finally got around to listening to that lady, she was funny and it was pretty inspiring!

keep the sketches comin! - i really like that top right guy