November 20, 2008

Apple Tree Story

Here's a lil poster mockup for a story I made up while at school. I'm not actually working on this film right now, but maybe after I graduate & know flash well enough, I can start it up on my free time. If you click on it you can see how it's layered & would work in flash, or traditional paper cut-out animation. It's about 8 minutes long & narrated like a Dr. Seuss book, set during a depression..about this kid, Riley, who has the power to turn apples into gold by chewing on them. Actually, I'll just show you the logline, which I wrote a few months ago & think is pretty funny:

When a hungry young boy discovers his power to turn apples into money, the jealousy of his best friend leads to unfavorable exploitation encouraged by their economically depressed small town.

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