December 8, 2008

Last week of school

This Friday is my last day of school, & I don't have to go back until January 26th. It's gonna be a nice break & I can't wait for this week to be over. I'll probably upload the work that I've done sometime next week. Here's a doodle I did while hanging out in class last week.


erik said...

Hey dude. i see you're done with school. that's awesome. i'll be done on like tuesday hopefully so ill probably be coming back sometime this week. like wednesday or thursday and i start back up on the 26th too. so i saw your doodle and its funny cause i actually had that kind of style in mind for that project i'm doing. I was thinking if you're not too busy this weekend maybe i can send you the poems i'm gonna use and you can just do a quick doodle for each one of whatever comes to your mind when you read them. i was thinking about printing them on like a wax paper material and if you could do some quick minimalist sketches I could put the poems on one side and the drawings on the back that way they're kind of transposed on each other. then "scatterbrained" would be complete AND sweet.

erik said...

duuuuuude my professor loved it!

i think she wants to get a tatoo of the owl. she was so captivated by it.