December 18, 2008

Winter Break

life without homework is so good. I'm gonna post some animations from school soon, Just gotta edit them a little.
These drawings were for a school project my cousin Erik was working on. I don't thinki'll ever get tired of drawing of skeletons. I'm gonna be like 100 yrs old in 2085, drawing skeletons still, hopefully by perfect memory. I always think of the way human bodies work, starting from the bare bones. The skull holds the most important part; brain, also holds eyes; to see, mouth; to ingest energy from food, then the rib cage, limbs, & all that they do. After that I start thinking about the muscles, nervous, circulatory, ans systems...and then I just kinda get sidetracked & forget about the organs, skin, hair, and so on. You get the idea. Each individual part is amazing on its own. Blood cells. are packages . being sent all over your body, finding their way finally to your brain, the main computer, to deliver oxygen. Sometimes it makes me feel bad to see people neglect their machine. I need to work out.

Some stills from an animated storyboard, which I'll put up here soon:

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