July 6, 2008

Independence Weekend

Alright Friday...

Well last night we practiced til about 3am, so I didn't wake up til almost noon. Got ready and worked on the 4th of July for a few hours, then met up with Jenni & drove to Hanover Park to see the fireworks with a group of about ten? We walked up this tall landfill and saw atleast 10 different firework shows all around from different cities. Probably the best way I've ever seen fireworks, but I wish we got there earlier. Went back to Cassie's & made a fire with damp logs.

Saturday/// I read some homework about Europeans thinking they're better than everyone else in the 1500's and trying to make everyone christian. Well they ended up succeeding for the most part...except for Japan. Anyways, I didn't get much done cuz I took some allergy pills that were apparantly drowsy-inducing. I took a nap at Jenni's and then drove to Cassie's for Jessica's b-day. It was a good ol' time drinking water the whole night (had to wake up early the next morning to continue homework).

Sun Day.:.:.:.::

Biblioteca con Jenni. Despues, regresé a la casa y hice mas tarea...hasta casi 11pm. Que lastima

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